We have 20 years’ experience in working in partnership with the voluntary and public sector to deliver quality workshops, tailored to the needs of young people, and fully devised with the Curriculum for Excellence in mind. All our sessions are continuously improved to include the feedback from young people and incorporate the latest techniques.

As a sustainable charity, we have price ranges to suit the smallest organisations to larger local authorities.


One Off Recordings

We offer a range of one-off and taster workshops suitable for all events, projects and groups. Our unique blend of youth work and creative industry techniques are suitable for all ages and all abilities and some examples include: Instrument Tasters, DJ Workshops, Media Challenges, and many more. We have a variety of one-off workshop starting from £100.

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Short-Term Workshops

We have had huge success working with groups of young people over 6-12 weeks periods to produce something to be proud of whilst building confidence and learning new skills.

Working in groups of between 4-15, young people can take part in a variety of activities including: song writing, producing music videos and performing live, all of which promote team work, personal development, and many other outcomes.

We have a variety of short-term workshops starting from £800. For a more detailed quote tailored to your specific outcomes

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Long-Term Workshops

We have a variety of long-term workshops starting from £2000. For a more detailed quote tailored to your specific outcomes

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Flexible Learning Initiative

The Flexible Learning Initiative was set up just over three and half years ago. There was a clear recognition that many young people in mainstream education were not able to take full advantage of the learning opportunities within this setting, and that we needed to be progressive in our thinking by creating a wealth of appropriate learning opportunities with partners who have the skills, knowledge, expertise and belief that all young people are able to be successful learners.

Reeltime Music has been a long standing and integral part of the opportunities offered to all the young people on Flexible Learning. It has become evident that Reeltime Music is an extremely popular session for a number of reasons. The staff at Reeltime obviously understand that opportunities do create chances for young people. Opportunities to be involved in different experiences, opportunities to learn new skills, though most importantly opportunities to build meaningful, positive relationships with adults who truly believe that the young people do have real chances for their futures.

Two young people who were previously on Flexible Learning, Thomas Goldie and George Young clearly articulated that they felt that staff played a key role in nurturing, supporting and guiding them through a difficult stage in their life. Both progressed onto positive outcomes and continue to sustain these opportunities.

This example is only one of many where the partnership with Reeltime clearly shows that there is a shared ethos and we all believe that 'Opportunities Create Chances for Young People'

Peter McGregor

Operations Manager - Flexible Learning Initiative

North Lanarkshire Council



Seven Bars

Seven Bars is an innovative project which promotes creative thinking around the issues of responsible drinking in North Lanarkshire. The first phase of the project ran from early 2007 until August 2008 and saw approximately 100 young people get involved in activities which would result in the excellent CD “The First Round”.

Since late 2010, Reeltime Music has been working alongside our partners from Strathclyde Fire & Rescue, NHS Lanarkshire and North Lanarkshire Council to deliver creative music & media projects to more local young people, based around the theme of drugs and alcohol. Visit the Seven Bars website to find out more.